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Our Owner's Story

Td Communications started in 1988 as a part-time job after the communications company I worked for went out of business. I immediately thought about starting my own cabling company. I asked my brother-in-law, who owned a small communications firm, if he had any additional work he could sub out to me to get me started. For the next few months, I did side jobs for him while I studied for—and passed—the Contractors State License Exam.

I was very enthusiastic as I started to pick up my own accounts. I wanted to do the best work possible for my new customers. I saw an opportunity to fill a huge gap in communications cabling. I knew that I could provide better service and cleaner installations, with more professionalism than what was currently available.

As my company grew, we created a new standard in voice and network cabling that included a pleasant visual experience for our customers. We started to find new ways to dress in our cables. We labeled our jacks and patch panels so that they were easier for the customer to read and understand, which included color-coding, a precise labeling system, and CAD drawings.

Our primary focus has always been satisfying our customers. We make it our absolute goal to finish every job on time and in a clean, professional manner. We are constantly looking for better ways to serve our clients.

In one conversation Mike, our contact at one of our large accounts, informed me that the work we have been doing for them has become their standard nationwide. He went on to thank us for the dedication and hard work we have provided for them in years past.
—Tony Dudley