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Advanced Cabling Solutions

Keep your business in business with voice cabling by Td Communications. We help you design a communications infrastructure that's right for your business needs.

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Network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization: information. To minimize expensive data network problems, Td Communications follows strict installation and testing guidelines for CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a cabling. We install, terminate, and test multi- and single-mode fiber. This includes indoor and outdoor plant fiber. We've kept abreast of advances in all manufacturing standards for fiber optic cable.


We install, terminate and test multi-mode and single-mode fiber. This includes indoor and outside plant fiber. We've kept abreast of advances in the manufacture, termination and testing standards of fiber optic cable. 


With the proliferation of VoIP, voice cabling is now similar to network cabling in most regards. However, we still see many electronic, hybrid, and PBX systems in existence. 

Certification Reports

Every network cable installed by Td Communications is tested using the latest EIA/TIA standards. Our customers receive a certification report of the test results of each cable that we install.

Media Installations

Many companies rely on projected images for presentations and teleconferencing in their Conference and Zoom Rooms. We install most types of flat-screen TVs, projectors, and the required associated cables.

Server Rooms & Data Centers

We specialize in working in data centers and we're happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Because the Bay Area is a hotbed of seismic activity, all server room racks are seismically braced so that they can withstand the next shaker.

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